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Petition letter on China


Trần Nhật Phong, Trương Quốc Huy, Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh started this petition to President Donald Trump and 2 others


To Mr. Donald J. Trump President of United States


Under the pretense of a "developing country", the People's Republic of China has taken advantage of the World Trade Organization's trade policies to implement an economic program and protectionist agenda that damage the United States and the world community.  Following are the facts on China's trade and economic policies:

A.  Restrict foreign companies from investing in many sectors in China; provide favorable and one-sided economic treatment to state-own enterprises (SOEs); place numerous unfair business practices on American-owned companies currently doing business in China;  and cause large annual trade deficits with the United States (China imported $130 billion dollars of US -made products and goods during the last fiscal year while exporting over $475 billion dollars of Chinese-made goods to the US).

B.  Implement laws and regulations forcing foreign companies, including American corporations, to share and transfer their proprietary information and patented technology with the local authorities and Chinese companies, if these foreign companies want to obtain licenses to operate in China;  and restrict stock share ownership and sales of the same for foreign companies, which would be deemed illegal in other countries.

C.  Prohibit the formation of independent labor unions;  control, through the Chinese Communist party, the rights of laborers and workers in the most restrictive manner, contrary to applicable international standards for workers;  and promote a cheap labor economy to attract foreign companies' investment, thus, causing unfair competition against workers from the developed countries.

D.  Prohibit the establishment of an independent judiciary to fairly handle trade and business disputes, especially with cases involving intellectual rights, which the Chinese government does not respect ; and create a judicial system that lacks transparency and fairness.

E.  Control and manipulate the monetary system; and purposefully undervalue the Chinese Renminbi, causing price and value destabilization in the stock market.     


China is increasing its espionage activities to steal information, secretly obtain intellectual property and business formulas that violate the national security of many nations, including the US, by many means and channels:

A.  Employ selected foreign exchange students and research scholars to infiltrate targeted universities, research institutions, high-tech companies, financial organizations and even health care organizations, to steal or entice American professionals and intellectuals at these related entities to provide sensitive information and technology to the Chinese government, which cause harm to the national security of the US.

B.  Engage Internet hackers to attack the US including government agencies, national defense entities, and high profile private companies, while interfering with the electoral system of the US and with many other countries.

C.  Implement laws requiring private domestic companies to fully cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party and its government, including the security apparatus, the military, through the People's Liberation Army (PLA), while forcing these companies to turn over their information and data to the government.


China flagrantly violates the basic human rights of its own citizens despite being a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  Following are violations by the

Chinese government:

A.  Brutally oppress peaceful dissidents through arbitrary imprisonment, physical and psychological torture, and passing on unfair and excessive prison sentences against those who disagree with the Chinese Communist Party.

B.  Brutally oppress ethnic minorities by pressuring them to disavow their chosen religion and native culture, currently occurring in Xianjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, and throughout China where there are ethnic minorities desiring self-determination.

C.  Brutally oppress many ethnic minorities such as the Muslim Uyghurs and the Kazakhs, incarcerating those who do not submit to Chinese rule in concentration camps; burn Christian religious books and destroy buildings of worship;  arrest, detain and beat up Falun Gong adherents, declaring that the practice of Falun Gong is illegal.


China is dramatically increasing its military capability and continues to manipulate the political systems of its neighboring countries in the region, especially in the South China Sea, wherein China had violated its own assurance not to militarize this region, which can threaten the peace and stability of the entire Asian – Indo - Pacific Region.  Following are China's destabilizing action and conduct:

A.  Illegally declare ownership of the South China Sea while appropriating by military force many islets, reefs, and islands from other neighboring countries, including the Paracel Islands from Vietnam in 1974, various islands and islets in the Spratlys Archipelago, and the Scarboroughs from the Philippines.

B.  Illegally construct military infrastructure and installations on disputed islands and reefs in the South China Sea, threatening the peace and stability of the entire region.

C.  Employ militias and paramilitary personnel, under the guise of fishermen, to harass and bully fishermen from neighboring countries.

D.  Politically manipulate neighboring countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos; implement the Belt Road Initiative (formerly One Road, One Belt -- OBOR) as a policy mechanism to cause poor and smaller nations to be entrapped financially to China, thus more vulnerable to China's political machinations.

With the four main issues referenced above, it is clear that China is a real and current threat not only to the US, but to the entire international community.  If China does not cease and desist from the above-mentioned conduct, we must call on President Donald Trump to take a firmer position and more resolute action with china by levying the following punitive action and policies:

1.  Apply maximum tariff against all Chinese-made products intended for the US.

2.  Sign an Executive Order prohibiting US companies from transferring technology or providing service until China comply with the common policy and standards on these matters, as observed by the international community.  

3.  Enlist the Global Magnitsky Act to target Chinese government officials, companies, banks, and Chinese nationals who have aided and abetted the Chinese government with the policies and conduct listed in the four above-referenced issues.

4.  Order other applicable punitive sanctions against Chinese government officials, companies, banks, and Chinese nationals who had acted against the common good and interest of the international community and pose a threat to  the national security  of the US.

This petition letter is open to all individuals and organizations to sign on, requesting that the Trump Administration acknowledge the voices and wishes of numerous people around the world in dealing with the threat that China poses to the international community and US.


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